Air Bar Flavors Peach Blueberry Candy

When it comes to Air Bar flavors, there are many to choose from. Among these are Blueberry Ice, Peach Blueberry Candy, Mango, and Cherry Cola. Each flavor has its own unique taste, and each is worth trying. These flavors are a refreshing treat for your palate. They also make for great gifts for a friend or loved one.

Blueberry Ice

The Blueberry Ice air bar flavor is the perfect blend of tart blueberry sweetness and cooling menthol. It’s the perfect flavor for any time of day. The Blueberry Ice air bar vape kit features a 280mAh built-in battery and direct draw system, and comes with a pre-filled vaporizer box. It offers up to four hours of battery life.

You can buy different flavors for your Blueberry Ice air bar, including Banana Ice, Strawberry Kiwi, Red Bull Ice, and more. You can even add a little Vitamin Water to your Blueberry Ice. If you are worried about getting addicted to nicotine, you can choose other flavors with a lower amount of nicotine.

If you prefer a sweeter flavor, try the Air Bar Diamond Mango. This flavor has a slow burn. It entices the senses with its tropical flavor and potassium-rich fruit.

Cherry Cola

The Cherry Cola air bar flavor is a light and refreshing blend of cherry and cola. It’s made from premium cotton that won’t irritate your throat and lasts for up to three days. Its cotton construction keeps it discreet and easy to carry. The air bar contains 20mg of nicotine salt and has a sweet berry flavor. Whether you’re a cherry lover or just looking for a lighter alternative to cigarettes, you’ll love the Cherry Cola air bar flavor.

Peach Blueberry Candy

Peach Blueberry Candy is a tasty flavor that is bursting with berry-like sweetness. With juicy blueberries and peaches in a candy blend, Peach Blueberry Candy is a mouth-watering treat. It is fully TPD-compliant and pocket-friendly.

Peach Blueberry Candy is a popular flavor for vaporizers. It is loaded with peachy flavors, a hint of blueberry sweetness, and a candy aftertaste. Smoke Tokes is the largest distributor of Air Bar Box 5000 Puffs Peach Blueberry Candy Disposable Device in California, and we are proud to offer you the best possible price. You can also buy Peach Blueberry Candy air bar flavor in bulk from us.


The Mango Air Bar flavor is a mix of mango and strawberry. This fruity flavor comes in a pre-filled vape cartridge and boasts a nicotine content of 5%. A single battery can last up to 5,000 puffs. This is an ideal starter vaporizer and comes with a range of flavors to choose from.

This fruity vaporizer juice contains 8ml of flavoring. It has a smooth taste and a high nicotine content. It is also available in a lower nicotine version. It is recommended to try a flavor before committing to it. The Strawberry Mango flavor is available through Smoke Tokes.